Adventure not marked complete

This adventure had all requirements met, but only listed as 80% complete. Cause?

It’s been a while, but I thought the adventure requirement was 1-4 plus at least any (1) of 5-7. Is that not the requirement? The phrasing is kinda ambiguous.

It looks like it’s missing 5,6, or 7


The other 2 options were greyed out


The others are greyed out, but also irrelevant.

So, the scout has 1-4 plus another complete? The snapshot only shows 1-4, so I can’t tell.

If you post the scout’s BSA ID (no names needed), the SUAC folks.ay be able to take a deeper look.

I tend to agree that the wording makes it look like 5-7 are optional, but that’s not how it’s in scoutbook. For other adventures when one of the last several is required, it usually says “plus one other”. I’m surprised this hasn’t surfaced previously. Or maybe we did get clarification on it when it was implemented. I can’t remember this specifically.

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It could be worded more clearly, but I would interpret:

“and any other(s) of your choice” to mean that the Scout has to earn at least one from 5-7.

I think some others are none specific along the lines of “and at least one other of your choice”.

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