Webelos Year Electives counted for Arrow of Light

“Adventures required for the Arrow of Light rank must wait until the Webelos rank has been earned.”

This would include the one required elective adventure. It doesn’t say “except electives” anywhere in the rules. It means required in terms of requirements, not required in terms of only the four adventures.

I have an Arrow of Light requirement show up as completed in Nov 2021, they earned Webelos in May 2022.

So according to the guide to advancement Scoutbook should only be auto-assigning adventures for Arrow Light that are earned after the date Webelos rank was completed. It doesn’t need to wait for the program year to roll over, just to earn Webelos.

It is done this way so an elective does Go to AOL - lets say an over achiever gets all electives before Webelos is earned, nothing could then flow to AOL. - is more talking about the required adventures

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@KevinCarlyle - as a flash of realty your opening line states requirements for AOL

I hear what you are saying. In this case, I think the path forward is for you to ask your council to send a ticket to national to either clarify the guide to advancement or modify scoutbook.


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