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What happened to the Scoutbook Mobile App?

I last accessed the Scoutbook mobile app on my phone on January 2, 2021. When I tried to access it a week later, the Scoutbook App was no longer on my phone. I went to the Google Play store and the Scoutbook App no longer existed. There appears to be a new App called Scouting. I have accessed the Scouting App and can only see my daughter’s records for Venturing.

I am the Advancement Chair for our Troop and I no longer can access the Troop Records. Would someone please explain what is going on and how it can be changed. I did note that I can access Scoutbook via my computer.

Thanks you.

Sherri London

@SherriLondon - there has never been a scoutbook mobile app in the play store or in the apple store. You most likely had a shortcut on your home screen. You can access it via scoutbook.scouting.org and create a new shortcut.


@Stephen_Hornak Thank you very much for explaining this and providing me with the resolution. Happy New Year and stay safe.

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