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What roles can export the advancement report?

For our ship it seems that only the Skipper can export the advancement csv. How do I give a Mate permission to do that. He is a Ship Admin and it still isn’t available.

I am only an Admin of a Ship and I can - I bet his Admin role is messed up > go to the Account > Click positions > go to his admin position and open it > Click Update - that should fix it

actually - go to Roster > user > positions > admin

Sometimes that route works better

I tried that and still he doesn’t see the ability to export it. There is now export/backup on the Ship dashboard page for him but it is for me as skipper.

is the Admin position Approved?

yes it is approved and the option for export isn’t visible.

my next guess would be to end the admin position and start a totally new one. Admin is my only role in a troop and I see it.

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