Advancement Report issues

I have an advancement chairman with these permissions Committee Secretary, Unit Advancement Chair When he is running reports he is only getting some of the advancements not all of them. When I added pack admin to his role he then saw them all. Any idea why?

Seems like more and more if you want people to see things you would think would fall under their position you still need to make them an admin to see it all. I have screenshots between what I see and what he saw if you would like to see them. Thanks

Your advancement chair needs to have an Edit Advancement connection to all Scouts. When you made him a pack admin, he had a full control connection to all of the Scouts which is a superset of Edit Advancement.

You can use Connection Manager, click on the advancement chair’s name then select Edit Advancement. The advancement chair should not need Edit Profile to do his job.

Ok I will try that and see what happens.

Also in the set permission by position It was set to Edit Advancement View Advancement and View profile and the check marks i have in for unit Advancement Chair so when I assigned him that role should that have not given him the right permissions?

Permissions by Position is a function of the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox. It only can set permissions when you use the feature. It cannot set permissions to individuals given a position after the function has last been run.

Ok how do you run the function then…

Thanks for the help

To update permissions, go to your Troop Roster, click Permissions by Position, scroll to the bottom and click Update.

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