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Where can I find log to add activities completed

Hi All,

My son and I are pretty new to whole Scouts program. I got emails to add the activities completed by my son to the log / activities book. I searched all over the Scoutbook but could not find the place where exactly I can find this log to add activities.

Can someone please guide me on this?

Thank you with best regards,


Go to your Scout’s Scoutbook Page - and you will see these 3 logs

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In addition to the Service / Camping / Hiking logs, you can also use Scoutbook’s “Notepad & Comments” feature.which is available when you click on individual requirements or at the bottom of an individual rank, merit badge, or award.

For example, you could go to Second Class requirement 1a, click on the checkbox next to it, then add any notes / comments, then click on the “Post Note” button.

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Thank you very much. I was able to find those under “My Account” page. Thank you again!

MY Account would be your camping log not your scouts

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You need to go to My Dashboard > My Family (on left side) > Click your Scout > Scroll down and the logs for the Scout are there

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You want to go to your Scout’s page, where you should see:

[Scout]'s Service Log
[Scout]'s Camping Log
[Scout]'s Hiking Log

Where [Scout] is the name of your son.

Thank you for additional information. But, I could not find where the individual requirements are? Besides My Service Log, My Camping Log and My Hiking Log…I could see
->My Position: I clicked it …since my son is just a Lion Scout and does not hold any position so it’s empty ->My Training: I clicked it and it took me to But I couldn’t individual requirements over there.

Any further guidance will be mush appreciated

Hi, @Anil_ChowdaryP_Venka,

In addition to the online format in Scoutbook, I also recommend that all of the scouts in our troop take advantage of the hiking, camping, service, and leadership logs in the back of their handbooks. I find that this is a great resource for the scouts to both track their own activities and helps when conducting Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review. It helps facilitate conversations like “Oh, I see you went to Cherry Valley for summer camp this year, and Camp Fiesta Island last year. What was your favorite part of summer camp? Did you like one better than the other? Do you want to try a new camp next year?”

In principle the same info could be derived from the online logs. Using the online logs in the meeting, however, seems to create the impression that you’re fooling with your phone, rather than engaged in the conversation with the scout.

ETA: Oops. Missed that we’re talking about a Lion rather than a youth in Scouts BSA. Hopefully still good advice, but a few years off yet in application. :grin:


I went to My Dashboard but I could not see My Family. I see the below things under My Dashboard
My Account
Report Builder Manager

By the way, when I clicked My Account it has a button with label as “Add/Track a Scout”. Should I add my son by clicking this button? Isn’t this Scoutbook, by default, for my son? Or should I have to add him explicitly by using that button?

Click My Dashboard to get to the dashboard

Further, click on Administration and let us know what you see there

@ Stephen_Hornak I clicked on Administration and I see “My Account” and under which I see a button with + sign which says Add/Track a Scout

It sounds like you are not connected to your Lion Scout in Scoutbook. Or there might be a glitch with the connection.

Ask a Pack Admin to click on your name in the pack roster and update your parent connection to him.

Going back to your original question, after you are connected to your Lion Scout in Scoutbook, you should see his name when you go to My Dashboard -> Administration (his name will be under “My Family”).

After you click on his name and go to his main page, you can scroll down and you will see some options that look something like this:


Because he is a Lion Scout, his Den Leader is probably asking you to go to his [Scout]'s Advancement
page, click on “Lion”, and then you can click on any of the Lion adventures that he is currently working on. When he works on requirements at home, you can mark them as Completed in Scoutbook.

For example, if he practices tying shoelaces at home, you can go to the “I’ll Do It Myself” Lion elective adventure, and click on the box next to requirement #3, then add the date completed and Save.

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Oh okay. I don’t see my son’s name anywhere here. I will check with Pack Admin. Next challenge for me is to find out who my Pack Admin is.

Thank you for all the help. Appreciate your patience

If you can find out who the pack’s Advancement Chair is, he or she should be able to help you out.


If you know your Scout’s BSA Member ID, you can connect to him yourself. Go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections. Click the “Connect to Your Scout” link. Enter his BSA Member ID, last name, Date of Birth and Zip Code then click Search.


Thank you for all the help. I got his BSA Id from one of the leaders and able to add him under my connections. Now I could see his logs

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