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Where is the Trained Leader Status report?

Scoutbook’s “Trained Leader Status” report is just a link to my.scouting.org. I have to log in a second time to access it (What was the point of syncing the usernames and passwords?). Is there a path to it within my.scouting?

Per the Scoutbook Reports (SB) web page


Official adult training reports are not in Scoutbook, they are available at my.scouting.org however there are now links in Scoutbook to directly access the reports.

  • There is a direct link to the Unit’s Trained Leader Report in my.scouting.org. The new link is Trained Leader Status on the Unit’s Report menu. Any user who had access to the legacy Trained Leader Report has access to the Trained Leader Status report.
  • A link to the Unit’s Youth Protection Training Report in my.scouting.org has been added to the Unit’s Report Menu. Any user who had access to the legacy Trained Leader Report has access to the Youth Protection Training Report.
  • The My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Training link points directly to the user’s dashboard in my.scouting.org.
  • Scoutbook continue to import Youth Protection Training dates each night to validate Merit Badge Counselors.

If training is not showing up correctly in my.scouting.org, please see the guide here.

Official youth training is tracked by the council in ScoutNET. Much of the training is downloadable to Scoutbook in a report accessed by clicking on the Scout, then the Scout’s training.