Which dens can stay in a tent apart from their parents

I have a question about who (which den) can camp alone in a tent. Example: I have s wolf cub scout, he want to sleep in the camp site in his own tent. I will be at the camp, with my wife, we will sleep on a tent and my son will sleep on his own tent. Which dens can or cant do it. I hasn’t seen any place a section that mention this topic. Can you provide the section where this explained?

@ManuelOrtiz The BSA has asked that policy questions be directed to your local council.

Camping | Boy Scouts of America - I do not see anything saying they CAN’T - as an experienced leader I am not sure they SHOULD. Cubs that young can get scared at night and you do not want them wandering for help in the wrong direction. Also Cubs can be VERY LOUD at night if not supervised.