Temporary Dens for Day Camp

During our recent Webelos resident camp, the staff mentioned that the lack of an app like Tentaroo for Cub Scouts created more work for them as they had to build spreadsheets for the different dens and check all the activities for the boys (not all dens do the same activities). It seems like a good solution would be to have a way to create “Camps” in Scoutbook and assign the boys to temporary dens so camp staff could bulk update the activities for the participants. Not only would this be easier for the camp staff, but it would eliminate the need for pack/den leaders to then manually input the activities completed at camp.

Scoutbook supports Scouts being in multiple Packs or multiple Troops/Crews/Ships. The council could easily set this up by creating a unit for summer camp.

Jumping off from that… Since I can’t assign Scouts to multiple patrols in Scoutbook (I want an OA patrol, a high adventure patrol, etc.), can I create another unit that’s not synced that I can put the appropriate Scouts into? For example, I have our official “Troop 104” unit, but can I create a “High Adventure 104” unit that only has the scouts that are 1st class and 14 years old or older?


No, users cannot create an alternate unit. Units must be official but a Council could in theory create special units for their camps.

Ok. I’m still trying to find some way to put events out for our Arrowmen and high adventure team so we can see them.

I think I’m going to push our committee to add a Venture crew to address the high adventure part of it, but it’s still a pain trying to manage the other activities in the calendar.

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