Number of scouts in a tent?

Question - I have an older scouter who is insisting that scouts can tent alone or they can have the whole patrol in one tent. I can’t find anything in GSS or in any other training that states a tenting requirement but I feel like he is wrong or thinking of the ‘good old days’
Question #2 - The same old time scouter says that the buddy system during camping should not be required. Our council says you need 3 scouts, not 2 to buddy up. This is a challenge for smaller units and doesn’t always work if a scout is attending a MB course with no one else from the troop. Any ideas on how to work with the buddy system safely?

@RobertEberhart - this is a policy issue, please discuss with your council

The BSA has restricted the content of these forums to support issues. Policy issues must be taken to your Council. Closing this thread.

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