Who has permission to edit ADULT profiles?

I know that individual adults can edit their own profiles.

Who else has the ability to edit profiles for the adults in the Troop? The Key 3? Someone else? No one else?

Trying to update Adult OA records which are incorrect/missing.

I would prefer to get it done myself rather than request the individuals to do it themselves and then have to “ankle bite” them until they get it done.

Any help appreciated

Order of the Arrow

OA and Scoutbook

I do not know if any OA data is copied from OA to Scoutbook.


No. LodgeMaster does not talk to Scoutbook at this time. I’m not aware of a specific plan for it do do so in the near future, either. However, certain OA data can also be entered in the person-profile accessible via Scoutbook/IA2.

I can’t say who’s supposed to have access, but I was able to get in to edit a registered scouter’s OA status. I had to do a forced refresh in Firefox once in IA2 to get it to work, tough. I’m a Unit Admin in Scoutbook and a Key 3 Delegate at my.scouting.

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