Whoops error when Scout attempts to log in

My son has tried, off and on, over the past week to access Scoutbook to enter details for his Eagle Rank and Eagle Project. Each time, he is presented with the Whoops error.

He has stopped trying to log in after receiving a message about his account being locked after two more invalid attempts.

BSA Member ID: 127740663
Capitol Area Council #564
iPhone/iOS Scoutbook app
iPhone/iOS Safari browser
Windows 10 PC - Chrome browser

Thank you for your help!

@MarkGoodrich if he is using (Firstname)(Lastname) as user name - and has forgotten password council can give them a new password

Thanks for the response Donovan!

He has used the Forgot Password link on the Scoutbook login page a couple of times and successfully added security questions and a password.

Is the new password from Council a different process?

yes it is different - can Scout log into my.scouting.org? or use it’s forgot password or BOT?

We are getting closer!

He opened a new Private window using Firefox on Windows 10 and successfully logged in to my.scouting.org and scoutbook.scouting.org

However, when he uses the same credentials in the iOS Scoutbook app, he gets the Whoops! error - “undefined is not a function”.

if he is trying to get Eagle done he should just use what he Can get to and do it all on scoutbook

I agree!
Unfortunately, we cannot find where to input the Eagle Project data in scoutbook.org. Months ago, we were able to use the app and saw there were specific screens for each Eagle rank requirement. One of those allowed entry of project info.

he can at advancements.scouting.org - on Eagle Rank Page - top right I think

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Thank you for your help!

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