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Organization Manager does not inform user if troop is B or G

Organization Manager does not tell me if I am working with a B or G troop.

Here, you let me know, is this a B or G troop? :grin:

Are you a leader in this unit? If you are you should know. Also, to get to the organization manager the tab that says Troop 861 should have a red circle with a B or a G next to the unit number

The UI still needs to provide that information. What if I forgot which link I clicked on? What if I only glanced at the CC and COR (shared between the units), didn’t look at the SM, and assumed the wrong unit, and made a mistake based on that assumption?

Again if you are a leader for that unit you should be able to look at the unit number and tell or you can double check and see where you clicked. What kind of mistake are we talking? If you are trying to input advancement for the boys troop in the girls troop it wont work because those scouts are not there. If you accidentally send and email to the 2 of the3 key 3 members the third might tell you that you sent it to them by accident?

In my council, they recommended we use the same unit numbers for each unit in linked Troops. The B or G is all that identifies the unit as male or female. Given that BSA insigna and flags only show the numeral for the unit, it has become quite confusing and I wish our Council had said to use different unit numbers up front.

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@JeremyPenner it’s great if that information is enough for you. I disagree and will continue advocating for improving this UI to remove mystery around which unit I am working with.

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I guess I don’t see the mystery because to go into the organization manager you have to click on the unit tab and on the right hand side of that tab it tells you what type of unit it is.

Nearly every other screen, though, shows an G or a B.

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The relevance is that many “joint” units (i.e. B/G/F packs/troops chartered by the same CO) share committees and unit numbers. It’s easy enough to mix the two up in Org Manager and have to restart whatever the task is.

I would think that making the UI consistent independent of which screen you’re on is the right solution. I could agree that it might be a low-priority issue since the impact can be mitigated, but it also seems like a comparatively easy bug to squash.

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An enhancement request has been submitted.