Will Scoutbook be disconnected

Rumor has it that BSA will be dumping Scoutbook for Internet Advancement? Any truth?

Well it is a long term platform change to a more stable system.


So far, it has been more of a morph. Reports, Activity Logs, and now profile are being cut over. So, Scoutbook ALREADY is maybe 20% Internet Advancement.

It really ended up being a poor marketing / branding approach. They could have just called it Scoutbook and Scoutbook’s updated interface.


There is more to the story than that - but I would agree


I think they will move to scoutnet 2k… :slight_smile:

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@RichardHall - certainly not a rapid move to the new stack which is the new Internet Advancement. I would say it is a year out if not more as things slowly migrate.

So what happened to all the other data points that used to be stored on the profile? Is that no longer available?

There’s a Scoutbook Change Log post about that: June 29, 2022 Scoutbook Updates


Thank you @CharleyHamilton . I missed that update.

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