Scoutbook to internet advancement transition timeline

Do we have any sort of official or unofficial timeline for the transition of scoutbook to internet advancement?

Do we know what features will be transitioned and which will be lost? Will there be new features that are not currently in SB?

Will there be an app or just the website? If there’s an app, will there (finally) be an offline mode?

The BSA doesn’t publish the timelines in advance, and any information the SUAC has, they can only share to the extent the BSA has authorized it. The case is the same for feature sets.

Generally, it’s been represented that the intent is to eventually transition all of the functions that exist to the “new” interface, now apparently called “Scoutbook plus Internet Advancement” if I understood correctly. Then, Scoutbook itself will be completely replaced by the new interface. This is largely, if not entirely, driven by the need to change to a more modern back end that is currently supported.

Part of the earlier descriptions of why the activity logs moved to SB+ was that it would allow re-architecture that permitted creating more types of logs. However, when and whether any additional log types will actually be released likely won’t be announced until the feature is either released, or has made it far enough in whatever testing that the BSA is sure that they’re going to push it to production (e.g. when we got the notice of the transition to the new calendar system).

Whether a particular existing feature/function will continue to exist is also not totally transparent, although the intent to maintain and expand the current functionality implies that everything will survive in one form or another. That said, its obvious that there will be some growing pains as more of us move over to the new interface and find more of the inevitable bugs that get missed in testing, or highlight differences between how we as users experience the interface and how the developers thought we would.

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IA has an offline mode built into it already - it initiates itself with bandwidth issues

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 9.31.39 AM
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 9.31.55 AM

The “red” Scoutbook app has continued to function for parents during this transition time. It seems to be more of the newer interface all along.

I’ll paste here what I said in another post. This move of the calendar is a very big and impactful step. It seems like there are 1 big one and one minor one left. The biggest one left is “full advancement requirement tracking”. The 2 minor ones are messaging and payment logs.

“So, this is more of a look back vs look ahead. Not all has moved to SB+IA, some went on its own like help. The list of what is left is getting smaller.

Removed from SB: forums, many reports, activity logs, calendar, user profile details, training tracking, help

Still in SB: messaging, advancement, payment logs

Sort of in both: roster (eg patrols & dens) including POR”

I am at 11 days since approval, but while I have the position on scoutbook, my available merit badges have not been applied yet and I can not connect to any youth. So I am assuming everything transfers in stages and not all at once.

@KarelaGilbert - if you are talkjng about the scout community thing… that is NOT AN OFFICIAL BSA SITE

I am talking about Scoutbook. Nowhere in this thread am I talking about anything else. Not sure why you are going on all the posts I comment on to post this

@KarelaGilbert - i posted because you are posting the same issue in multiple threads. Your council needs to add the merit badges to your record in the database

I did not post any issue with ScoutCommunty here in this thread, so no need to take away from the OP.


In my experience this is a symptom of one of two things:

  1. Your council added you as a counselor but didn’t put in a list of badges. Some councils do it this way as they await the district advancement volunteers to approve the badges.

  2. Scoutbook didn’t pick up the badges properly from my.scouting. Good luck getting that fixed. I haven’t found a good way to get it to sync properly once it messes up. Perhaps try having your ocuncil delete you as a merit badge counselor, wait 24-48 hours, then add you as a counselor again.

I’ve seen both and rarely found it helpful to post here (on the forums) about either problem. No one here can do anything about #1 (it’s a local council thing) and I mostly get excuses about #2 rather than actual fixes.

I’d work with your council registrar to confirm that badges are attached to your account and that they are attached to the same BSA ID that you are using in scoutbook. If they are, have them delete you and add you back a couple of days later to maybe “flush” the sync issue out.


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