Wolf not updating to new adventures

I have 7 scouts in a wolf den. All but one show the new 2024 adventures. One is still stuck in the 2022 requirements. I’ve tried to search for a fix in here but I am new and just too much to take in for this answer. (Although I did get my answer on why the quick entry is not working, seems it’s a common bug issue)

@JenniferWellman are the ranks on the 2024 version? Have you tried Shift + Refresh. Or Cleared Cache?

I did the hard refresh and clear cache. This is under his profile. The bulk entry was adding his day camp adventures so I was doing him individually. I found a roundabout way and got them in, but I’m not seeing a choice under his profile that looks like your screenshot.

Nevermind. Got it fixed. Found that screen and switched it. Thanks

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