One den not advancing members

We have advanced all our dens to their new ranks and dens, but our current Wolves are still showing as Tiger Members.

Which then causes this error when we try to enter new Wolf adventures:

I tried moving the Den back down to Tiger, in hopes I can move them back up, but I get this error:

Can anyone help, this is the only den we are having this difficulty with, besides not being able to enter AOL adventures:

@BethCantu - it is displaying the last earned rank as that is how this works. They are in a woolf den working toward wolf rank.

But in the 7th column they are showing as Tiger Youth, the rest of my dens are showing their new rank members. And we are getting the error below, that says the youth is not eligible to Wolf adventures.

And, our other dens have positions that correspond with their new den, not the last rank approved.

@BethCantu - could you check the membership page for these scouts in to be certain that they do not have two current memberships listed.


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!!! They are still showing up in Scoutbook as in Tiger Den 2 !!! How do I fix that? I was only aware of advancing dens in Scoutbook + this year. But I know what happened. As advancement chair I was waiting to advance the entire den until they had all finished their Tiger ranks, but the CC moved them up without finding out why they were the only den not advanced.
How do I get them back to the Wolf Member?

Nevermind, I got it resolved, thank you!!!


@BethCantu - glad to hear that.

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