Scoutnet vs. Scoutbook sync problem

On more than one occasion now, Scoutbook does not have the correct information for my Scouts. At first, it was advancement, which as Scoutmaster I can fix, though I shouldn’t have to do that. Now it is birthdays, I have at least two Scouts with incorrect birthdays in Scoutbook. I have contacted the Council Registrar to fix the dates. She says she fixed one in Scoutnet, but that the other was correct in Scoutnet. It has been several days and nothing has changed in Scoutbook. This needs to be addressed , but not on a case by case basis. Until it is, I will not trust Scoutbook and will continue with third-party applications that work.

Member Update does not currently update date of birth after the Scout is first entered into Scoutbook. We have requested this be updated but do not know when it will be fixed.

Send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, BSA#, council and unit and ask them to update the DOB with the date in Akela.

The advancement data imported into Scoutbook from ScoutNET is marked approved by BSA Administrator. Are you saying there was data missing or the dates did not match your records? We have found issues in ScoutNET that units were not aware of until they started using Scoutbook because the leaders did not have visibility into the full ScoutNET records.

I can’t remember when exactly I encountered it, but I had more than one Scout that had no rank in Scoutbook, but whose record was complete in Internet Advancement. I had do use my records and Internet Advancement to build their advancement record in Scoutbook so it matched Internet Advancement.

I will send an email as suggested to correct the birthdays for my Scouts.

There was an issue early on where some items were not properly imported into Scoutbook. This has been since been fixed. We have not seen any sync issues since that fix was implemented.