Wrong email address in Internet Advancement, Right in Scoutbook

I am a den leader for my pack and recently scheduled a couple more meetings for my den through the IA site, which is correctly reflected in the calendar and did transfer over to Scoutbook calendar. However, I did not receive an email notification of the created event like I always have and am unable to know whether the scouts parents received an email notification of these scheduled events as well.

I just noticed that my profile shows the wrong Email Address listed in Internet Advancement. It does not match the same primary email in my Scoutbook. This appears to be the reason for not receiving the event notifications. IA does not give the option to update my email address, only the ability to change the username/password. How do I get this fixed??

@RichardDodd - there never has been notification when an event is added. The only thing that would notify is the reminders.
Are you perhaps thinking about the den leader experience

The email in IA is the email in my.scouting.org - It can be changed at either place - and no auto reminders go out as Stephen said