Email addresses don't match

My “Primary Email Address” in scoutbook profile is an old one. There is a " NOTE: Moving forward information in the edit email page will be edited in the Internet Advancement (IA) application. Changes made to the profile information in IA may take a few hours to 1 day to show in Scoutbook." but Cancel is the only button not greyed out.

If I log into IA2 (Internet Advancement), it has my new email address there. I’ve not changed either of these for at least months.

How can I get scoutbook to update my email address?

Edit the email in your profile at IA2 (e.g. add and remove a character) then save. That should force the email update at Scoutbook.

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I’ll try that and let y’all know, thanks.

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Yep, that did it! Thanks for your help @CharleyHamilton

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