Sending message with different email address (take 2...)

I started a thread (Sending message with different email address) and was busy last week, and forgot to reply. so it closed.

I can’t edit my Scoutbook profile email - it says it needs to be done in Internet Advancement now. I did that over a week ago, and scoutbook still shows my personal email instead of my cubmaster email, which is the only email listed in now. How can I update my Scoutbook email so that emails through Scoutbook use my cubmaster email?

Go to IA and change the email and save - then go back and put in correct one in IA

What’s interesting is that last week, I deleted my personal address and left my cubmaster address and that didn’t do anything. Changing my cubmaster address to a different one, saving, refreshing, and changing it back to cubmaster and saving worked this time. I don’t understand why deleting the other email last week didn’t work.

Regardless, thanks Donovan!

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