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Wrong Error Message when setting Listing Preference for Merit Badge Counselors

One of our users just contacted me about setting his Listing Preference. He was unable to do it and wanted to know why?

Here are the particulars:
Council has uploaded the Approved counselor to ScoutBook.
Person wants to set their Listing Preference to their Unit.
Person goes to their Merit Badge Counselor, My Scouting Position screen to set the limit.
Person selects “Listing Preference: Unit List”
Person enters their troop as “Troop 170 B” in Unit Lists field (only 3 digits in the number!)
Program reports an error: “Merit Badges: Please select at least one merit badge you are registered for.”

This is the wrong error message. No one has touched the list of Merit Badges. Nor can they because once it is loaded by the Council, it is
greyed out" and cannot be changed by the counselor. The error message should say something like “The unit number is incorrectly formatted. Unit numbers must be 4 digits, with leading zeros when needed.”

The current error message has nothing to do with the error, but leads the person to try to change the check marks next to the badges. Except they cannot do that because once set by the Council, this area cannot be modified by the user. This leads to frustration for the user.

Greg Buchanan

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