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Cannot set Merit Badge Counselor Listing Preference to “Unit List”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to My Dashboard > My Account > My Positions > Merit Badge Counselor
  2. Set Listing Preference to “Unit List”
  3. Set Unit Lists() to “Troop 0286 B”
  4. Select “I agree to be a merit badge counselor.”
  5. Press Update

Result: Error = " Merit Badges: Please select at least one merit badge you are registered for."

Note: Merit badge list is greyed out, as it is under council control, so you cannot do this, so instead just…

  1. Press Update again

Result: Error = " Unit Lists: Troop 0286 B is not found. Make sure to use the official unit number.

Unit Lists: Please enter the units in the format Troop 0123 B, Troop 0123 G, Crew 0123, Ship 0123 separated by commas."

The value entered is formatted correctly.

I can sucessfully choose any other listing preference.


I was able to change my listing preference from Worldwide to my troop. Are you sure the leading digit on your unit is officially zero? In my council, most units only use the last 3 digits but all units officially start with 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9.

Yes, it starts with a zero. In all of the other places in Scoutbook where this is used, it works fine.


What council are you in?

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council


I can see Troop 0268 B in the list of BSA Unit Descriptions. I suggest you send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your name, BSA Member ID, council and unit. Explain the issue you are having. This will allow us to get your account in front of the developers to look at.

Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-100957

Joe, when did you last try to change this? A new Council MBC list was uploaded this morning about 10am or so.


I tried after the notification of the upload.

The developers will be looking into it.

When I look at the data ScoutBook downloads about Counselors, I don’t see anything special or different about your counselor record. You are listed as a counselor in Quicksilver District. I have a MBC account for test, and I just assigned it to Troop 0286 B successfully. Are you actually typing in the Troop 0286 B, or are you using a Cut/Paste that may contain extra, notprinting characters? It seems that the program is very fussy about the format of the unit specification. A three digit number will fail!. Beyond that, I am sorry I don’t know why it’s giving you problems.

Our troop has been using the MBC postition features on Scoutbook for several years (pre-BSA acquisition - long before the council recently started to manage the list). I believe these older MB position records have something different about them in the database that is causing these issues.

My unit was in the same boat as yours, @JoeMcKinley. However, the manifestation of a problem occurred when our council (San Diego-Imperial) first uploaded the MBC lists last year. All of us who had existing MBC roles created at the unit level were “stripped” of the position in Scoutbook, and had to wait until the most recent re-upload for the position to be restored. To be clear, these were people that council had confirmed were on their list of approved MBCs for those particular badges. I was administering that portion for our unit, so I reached out to council to verify the registrations and approved badges for each.

I’m not sure what our council scoutbook admin did differently in this most recent upload, though, so I can’t offer any advice. It might not even have been anything they did, per se, just changes on the back end that appear to have fixed things.

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