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Cannot set Merit Badge Counselor Listing Preference to "Unit List"

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to My Dashboard > My Account > My Positions > Merit Badge Counselor
  2. Set Listing Preference to “Unit List”
  3. Set Unit Lists() to “Troop 0286 B”
  4. Select “I agree to be a merit badge counselor.”
  5. Press Update

Result: Error = " Merit Badges: Please select at least one merit badge you are registered for."

Note: Merit badge list is disabled, as it is under council control, so you cannot do this, so instead just…

  1. Press Update again

Result: Error = " Unit Lists: Troop 0286 B is not found. Make sure to use the official unit number.

Unit Lists: Please enter the units in the format Troop 0123 B, Troop 0123 G, Crew 0123, Ship 0123 separated by commas."

I assume this is a issue of using the council list or the unit list in Scoutbook. My understanding is that once the council uploads it’s master list, the old method of having a local unit list is no longer available.

I can remember at least one council requiring all their MB counselors to be available at the council level when they shifted to consolidating district managed MB lists to upload the list to Scoutbook.

In Scoutbook is the MB counselor availability independent of the council prepared input uploaded to Scoutbook?

I can remember having to set my availability (special events only) in Scoutbook after the council uploaded the council list to Scoutbook. However the rules on how Scoutbook works may have changed since then.


Are there any Merit Badges selected but grayed out? There is a known issue where some MBC positions are being duplicated, often without MBs. This is causing other issues with MBC entries. A fix is currently being developed and will be released soon.

I tested changing my Listing Preference from Worldwide to Unit. It worked properly. Note the format of the unit specification is critical. There must be a space before and after the troop number.

Yes, all of the Merit Badges are selected but grayed out; however, a couple of days ago when I was trying to do this, I did not have a duplicate position and it still didn’t work. As of yesterday, I now have a duplicate position. (Our council administrators are in the process over the last week of trying to upload the MB counselors lists for the first time, and as our troop’s Scoutbook admin, I am scrambling to deal with the fallout.)

The council set everyone to a “district list” level. This caused two issues:

Some MB counselors who work at a council level were suddenly disconnected from many scouts, and they could not be easily reconnected, because the counselor was no longer showing up in lists. (I am able to reconnect them manually via the connections UI, but that is not ideal.)

Some MB counselors work only at the troop level, and are suddenly being contacted by scouts outside of the troop. This is leading to unwanted, awkward e-mail conversations with scouts, letting them know they are not available to work with them.

Our council then reloaded the lists setting everyone to be on the “council lists”, resolving the first problem but making the 2nd problem worse. (And also apparently creating more duplicate positions, given that I now have a duplicate.)

Perhaps due to the duplicate positions issue, MB counselors cannot reset which lists they appear on and they do not always show up in the lookup when they should. (The duplicates has no MB designated.)

I will retest these issues after the duplicates issue has been resolved, and report whether or not the issue is still reproducible

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