Wrong pack number

I recently added a scout in the den leader experience to see how it would be and to give everyone else an idea of what it will look like for our pack. When I did this, it put the scout in his old pack, not the new one. So when we opened Scoutbook, it shows him now in the old one and the new one. What should I do to change this? I don’t see a spot to delete him from my roster on the den leader experience end.

Have a pack admin go into Scoutbook, go to the Scout’s membership page, end his membership in the old pack and remove the end date from the membership in the current pack. After clicking Update on the current pack, they will need to go back into that membership, check the Approved check box and click update. This will put him back into the correct pack.

Ok, so I figured out what the problem is. I’m not a den leader in the new pack, I’m listed as a parent leader. That’s why it pulled the number from the old pack. I was his old den leader. How can I delete him from the den leader experience?

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