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Leader and Den left pack, now came back

We had a leader leave our Pack this summer, and took her Den with her. They have decided to come back to our Pack. As Committee Chair, I put an end date for each of them. Now I can no longer see them in our Scoutbook. How can I get them back? They never transfered to the other Pack officially in Scoutbook, so they are just in limbo.

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Pack 527 CC

Look under my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections. Find each scout and click their current membership. Remove the end date.

And for the adult leader, you can go to your Pack Roster page, click on the “Add Leader” button, and search for her in the “Search For Existing User” box.

Unfortunately, none of the boys are in My Connections.

The DL should still have them in her connections, I believe. She should be able to assign them a membership in the troop, I believe, if she is made a unit admin for that purpose.

The easiest way is if one of the Pack Admins (or Den Admins) still has a connection to the Scouts and can move them back into the pack. But if that doesn’t work, you should be able to use the “Transfer In Scout” button on the Pack Roster page.

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How long ago did they leave?

Hey Jacob. The scouts left in July and came back late August.

@LouisGarcia Have you tried the “Transfer in Scout” button on the Pack Roster page?

No, because it specifically says not to do that if it is an existing scout.

no Jennifer is right - that is what I would use

I think you may have mixed up Add Scout and Transfer in Scout. The Add Scout interface says this:

NOTE: Only create a new Scout record if you are 100% sure the Scout doesn’t already have an existing account in Scoutbook. If Scout already exists in SB request that someone transfer Scout. You can also connect to existing Scouts in your unit.

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Holy cow! That didn’t take long. I guess the grass wasn’t greener.

That tells me they are all still officially registered in your unit. I agree with the other advice to use the transfer in scout button.

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Thanks so much for the help. I finally got it resolved. Fortunately, the Den Leader still had them in her connections and was able to remove the end date!

Finally resolved!

thanks again,


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