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Wrong Unit Printed on Individual Advancement Report

I have a question regarding the individual scout advancement report; When I have printed these out in the past our Troop number appeared at the top right corner of the report; but now even when I am in our Troop, when the reports are ran for all of the boys, if any of the scouts are in a Venturing Crew besides our Boy Troop, that number of the crew is on the top the report instead of out Troop Number? Has anyone else noticed this or have this problem? I just want to run the reports for the advancement binder with our Troop Number on the reports, not have another crew number on it…Any help would be great!


We know there are issues with Scouts that are dual registered showing the wrong unit on some reports and in the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.

I have added this to the development backlog. We do not know when it will be scheduled for work.

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