Yellow ! next to transfer Scouts

I have two new transfer scouts, from another Council. They each have a yellow triangle with an exclamation point next to their names in Scoutbook. I read another thread that indicated if the MID doesn’t match, that would explain it.

I went to my.scouting roster to check numbers; one of them doesn’t match MID, and the other isn’t on our my.scouting roster (yet).

Can someone help? numbers are below.

Scout 1:
Scoutbook MID: 137243975
Scoutbook User ID: 11791015
Roster MID: 14163770

Scout 2: (not on Roster)
Scoutbook MID: 14166018
Scoutbook User ID: 11855292


I’ll look into this for you

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There is a data mismatch which prevented the system from matching the Scout MIDs. I’ll send you a private message with details. Look for a green circle with white number on top of the blue circle with white C in the upper right corner of the forum window.

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