Transfer a Scout’s advancements between units in different councils

I apologize if this information is elsewhere on the forums, but I couldn’t locate it. We have a scout who has transferred from another council. After he registered, we have him appearing in our unit’s roster on Scoutbook, but his advancements have not transferred over. I’m reliably told that the old unit also used Scoutbook. It has been a week and a half. I have his new and old member ID numbers, ZIP code and DOB, if that helps.

post old and new MIDs and we will look - probably a slight difference in name @StephenCreason

Old MID: 132608624
New MID: 137452310

@StephenCreason this is fixed

I am also having this issue. May have posted it in the wrong category…

@ DonovanMcNeil I am also having the same issue.

Old MID 2620790
New MID 12337250

Can you please merge these two accounts and keep the new MID? Thank you!

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks, you’re the best!

@ValarieAbed those are bad MIDs - please check them

Old account
BSA# 12891369
User ID 2620790

Merge with new account
BSA# 14123986
User ID 12337250

My apologies for only including User ID. Thank you!

@ValarieAbed this is fixed

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