Yellow Triangles By those who are legit multiples

The 2 adults who have multipled in my unit, and ARE on our roster, have yellow triangles. Examples: 9333805 and 13273561

One of the 2 scouts who have multipled also have a yellow triangle, the other does not: has 136276600, has no triangle 14296082.

3 adults who are registered, but are “just listed in scoutbook” correctly have yellow triangles.

I really like the yellow triangles, but man, quite the journey.


The member with MID 136276600 is registered in 2 councils with both units in the same SB account. The MID in your Council is 14677986. Since the :warning: is based on the MID in SB, the membership in your unit will show the :warning: because MID 136276600 does not appear on your roster.

MID 14296082 is registered in your council so the :warning: does not appear on your roster but will appear on the roster for the unit in the “other” council.

This is a function of SB only supporting a single MID.

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