Yellow triangles by scouts in pack roster

the only scouts that do not have yellow triangles are the ones that joined this spring. my scouts who rechartered for 2021 have yellow triangles and so do my inactive scouts who quit scouts years ago.
none of my adults have the yellow triangles. they show up in the Pack roster, but not in the Den rosters.

Please post some BSA Member IDs (no names) and we will investigate.

no triangle, joined this spring: 137272494;
triangle, current scout on 2021 recharter: 136399589;
triangle, inactive scout since 2016: 130653678

the third one is not registered - the second is reported

so what does reported mean?

third one is correct, he should not be registered.

and how do I get rid of the triangles?

Told developers - the 3rd should not even appear on your roster last registration was years ago

on triangles we are investigating - never intended for scouts

I have 23 names in an inactive den, it was created just to keep their records in case they came back in future years, before BSA took scoutbook over. most quit scouting in a similar time frame 2016-2017 ish. their end membership date was never edited.

well that pretty much explains those - they are not in your unit

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do i need to go through each of those inactive scouts and enter end dates?

Adding end dates for inactive Scouts is best. The BSA does not want Youth who have left Scouting to remain on ScoutBook rosters. If any decide to come back, you can include their BSA Member ID on the application so a new one is not generated.

One of the easiest ways to make sure this is available at a later date is to provide the parents with a PDF of the Individual Advancement Report and/or Cub Scout History Report (or Scouts BSA History Report for scouts from a troop).


That is the most concrete. Another method is to do backups using the backup commands.

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I have the same issue and it just happened this week, The entire BEAR Den Boys all have yellow triangles. My son is one of them, and I just paid his dues for next year, so it can not be a recharter issue.


I have reported this to the developers.

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We have the same issue, all our current cubs have this. Our new one that just joined this month doesn’t. That is over 10 cubs scouts!

I had this issue on about half my Pack. I went in and unapproved their membership and saved and then reapproved and saved and it cleared the yellow triangles.

The developers are working on the yellow triangle issues.

My issues seem to be fixed.