Yellow Warning In Error

Two adults flagged, but in error.

12983795 - confirmed registered via my.scouting in Pack he is flagged in. Had “work” done on accounts a few months back. Seemed good.

135549993 - no flag in troop, flag in Pack, registered in both, confirmed in my.scouting. I believe I am primary in Pack, but regardless, I am in my.scouting for both (this is me!)

120878389 - flagged, but don’t have access to that units my.scouting, pretty sure current


Please confirm these are for Pack 4201 in Bay Lakes Council.

120878389 is only registered as a Merit Badge Counselor. A yellow triangle is correct for this MID.

The other two appear to be bugs.

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Hi, I am getting this symbol next to the majority of the cubs I just moved into the webelo’s den? any advice on how to correct it?


Post the BSA Member ID of a few of the Scouts (no names) and we will investigate.

Yes. Ok. Thank you for the other follow-up.

I may have advanced them incorrectly… it was my first time doing so for the pack. thank you for the help!

all other den’s were moved with no issue

Is it correct that a MBC can be (should is a different question) be listed as an adult on the Scoutbook roster?

@DanielWilliams1 if you go to Edit that Den - is the Den approved?

yes, the only option is to disapprove the den


It is up to the unit to decide if they want an MBC to be listed on the roster with a different position, however, in this case the yellow triangle is correct because the individual is not registered with the unit.

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I don’t see anything wrong with your Scout’s records. I believe there is a bug in the logic that displays the yellow triangle.

That’s what I was assuming as these kids have been with the unit for multiple years, as long as this doesn’t hinder any of their advancement tracking or communications with the council then I will do my best to let my OCD ignore the little yellow eye sore. thank you for your help, it is very much appreciated!

The triangle is just “supposed to be” an indication that someone is not registered so you can get your roster fixed if necessary. It is for information only and does not change the behavior of Scoutbook.

I have notified the developers of the issue.

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