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Youth marked as adult

I have an aol cub who is not connected to packs scoutbook

in volunteer support tool see that is adult is tagged yes

SUAC please help


BSA # for Scout please @RonFedele

12961096 old timers disease

Bizarre - she was mother to her mother - never seen that - I think that should solve it - she has a hanging position but I do not think it will be issue. Her mother was a youth. But it is cleaned up now

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great he shows up now although leader cannot connect to him her SB # is [943334] LB volunteer support tool says she is connected

yeah is odd - no leaders connected to her - admins should be

I think alot of this gets down to registrar putting mothers email in for scout

that sounds like it what do i need to do to get an admin reconnected

well go one by one or they need to do the unit > roster > own name (or admins name) > update trick

ok thanks will do I will restate the importance to data integrity to council office

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