Cant find scout

New scout in unit shows in Roster at my scouting for a few days. not in SB tried connect to scouts in unit response none missing. Tried transfer in states already in unit. Got bounced up to me looked in Vol support tool he exists and is connected to unit but is not connected to any leaders




Scout A.K. appears to be in a troop and with position approved.

Try having a Troop Admin re-set their Admin role in Scoutbook.

  1. Go to Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on name of Troop Admin.
  3. Click on Troop Admin role.
  4. Make sure position approved checkbox is checked.
  5. Click Update.

This should re-set the Troop Admins connections to all Scouts in the troop.

If this does not work, we will need the BSA member number of a Troop Admin to connect to the Scout.

First thing I tried

use mine I am in their temporarily helping fix things




I don’t know why, but this account was set as an adult account. It should be fixed now, and I connected you to the Scout.


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