Youth Protection - Lone Scout

The Lone Scout program doesn’t have clear direction, at least not easily available.

If my daughter is registered as a Lone Scout and I, her father, are her Lone Scout Counselor, what are the requirements for Youth Protection?

Every time we do scout requirements, do we need to have a second adult (female)? Or is it ok because I am her parent?

Furthermore, if her and I attend a District or Council event (overnight camp, without any other girls in our campsite), do I NEED to have a 21 y/o female present? Obviously, not sleeping in the same tent.

There may be other boys participating, but we will have adult leadership for them as well.

This is not covered in the standard G2SS and YPT documents. You will need to reach out to the SE in your council for specific guidance like other YPT issues that aren’t clear.

As Matt said, the local council is the correct person to whom to direct Lone Scouting-related questions generally. Particularly as they relate to applications of YPT in this case, the Scout Exec is the professional scouter that has the connections to get answers (assuming they don’t already know them) and (presumably) the authority to provide them.

In addition, the BSA has specifically directed that discussions in these threads be restricted to technical issues, rather than policy discussions. So, even if someone on the boards actually knows the answer already based on what they’ve been told by national BSA or their local council, they aren’t supposed to discuss it here. While I think that a hard restriction on that type of discussion is short-sighted personally, we have to try to stick with it as best we can.

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