Lone Scout

We have a girl that will be a lone scout for about 10 months then we should be able to start a girl troop. Is there any way that the boy troop that she will be participating with can have access to her scoutbook to update what she is working on or at least one other adult other than her parent?

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Lone Scouts are handled via the Council. There is no support in Scoutbook for Lone Scouts.

I thought I read somewhere that they could be attached to the unit?

No, there is no support for this in Scoutbook and the BSA has said support for Lone Scouts will not be added.

You should talk to your council about following YPT as what you describe directly contradicts the FAQ. “Q. Can a leader bring their Scouts BSA son or daughter to an opposite gender troop activity?

A. No. Scouts BSA program integrity requires single gender units and single gender buddy pairs.”

I lied. I created an extra boy patrol in SB.
Scoutbook complains she does not match the council list.
But it seems to work and we have a record of what she is doing.
We make frequent printouts just in case it disappears.
We also dug out our old paper checklist binder.
Long ago, when I first started using SB, it was independent and I paid, that seems to still work mostly.

@ChristopherJohnston - well not exactly trustworthy nor following program guidelines

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@AlyssaSchaefbauer how easy/hard was it to have the girl be a lone scout? Are there other girl troops in the area that she could join? I want to restart my girl troop but won’t have enough girls for maybe a year. The parent doesn’t want his daughter in any other troop as the 533 Boy Troop was his troop growing up.

We were told by our council that we could have a lone female scout for up to a year while we try to establish a girl troop. She could participate in troop meetings etc. We don’t have much choice as we are a rural troop and the only one available for several hundred miles.

We don’t have her in yet. She is a Webelo and will be moving up in Feb. We had a lone female scout a few years ago but she did not continue, partly because she couldn’t be very involved, no leadership opportunities etc. We have 3 more female Webelo 2’s that will hopefully move up with in the next year and start our first girl troop. It is really hard because we are a small rural town and there are no other options for scouting, any less than 100 miles away, and as far as I am aware none of those have girl troops either.

The FAQ was updated recently. Everyone should check with their local council as what you describe directly contradicts national’s document to clarify questions.

So we should discriminate? She can’t be a scout because she is a girl where there is no girl troop?

These are policy questions that need remain between council and Scouter

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