YPT Completed but not renewing in the system

One of my committee members renewed his YPT, but it is still showing as expired over a week later in my YPT status report (and my recharter). If he goes back to try and take it again, it shows all of the modules were done on 12/2/2023. BSA Member ID 126613424. Thank you!

@JamieMalloy - which courses does it show ? I suspect that it was not the mandatory YPT.


@JamieMalloy they skipped 2 modules

Screen Shot 2023-12-10 at 2.32.39 PM

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@JamieMalloy You can use the Training Manager (at my.Scouting) to see which modules the user has taken:

  1. Click on “Add/Search”.
  2. Click on “Search Training”.
  3. Find the person’s name, and check the box next to their name.
  4. Then click on “View Training”.

Below are the 4 modules that they need to take (within a 60-day time period) in order to get credit and renew their YPT:

  • Overview and Policies - SCO_3008
  • Sexual Abuse - SCO_3009
  • Bullying - SCO_3010
  • YPT Certification Test - SCO_3011

Based on what Donovan posted, the user has retaken SCO_3008 and SCO_3011, but still needs to retake SCO_3009 and SCO_3010.

Thanks for the ideas, I did what @JenniferOlinger said, and sure enough it shows there that he has not completed 3009 and 3010. However, when he tries to retake, he see this

So, why isn’t it showing as him completing all four modules???

It is from Past trainings - he just needs to redo those 2 modules


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