YPT not issuing certificate or updating in reports

I’m the committee chair of our troop. My wife (ID 126151111) completed YPT two days ago on the 9th. I noticed today it was not updated in YPT Reports. We looked in her account, and everything said 100% completed 3/9, but wouldn’t issue a certificate or update the date in the usual locations.
After clicking on the various settings, now it weirdly shows a completion date of today (3/11/2024), but still no certificate nor updated in Reports. So bizarre.
Please somebody check the database, I can’t figure this out

There are 4 modules:

SCO_3008 Overview and Policies
SCO_3009 Sexual Abuse
SCO_3010 Bullying
SCO_3011 YPT Certification Test

I see SCO_3008 and SCO_3011 on 03/09/2024.

It looks like she still needs: SCO_3009 and SCO_3010.

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OK, I’ll have her retake those two, maybe she inadvertently skipped them somehow. Thank you for looking it up. Much obliged.

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