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I completed YPT training on 9/13/2023. It shows in my completed trainings as being done. When I completed the training I was given a PDF certificate which I printed and gave to my troop. However, when I go into my home dashboard on the website it says date of completion: never, and my troop is unable to pull record of my completed training. This has happened to at least two other adults I’m aware of in our troop and pack within the last 12 months. Please assist.

My member ID is 140145777.

At my.Scouting, when you go to:

My Training → Completions

Do you see the following modules? And were they completed within a 60-day window?

SCO_3008 - Overview and Policies
SCO_3009 - Sexual Abuse
SCO_3010 - Bullying
SCO_3011 - YPT Certification Test

You are missing SCO-3008 - BUT there is a 60 day window - so you need to do them all again

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 7.16.11 PM

@Allen_EdwardAustin_I It looks like you took SCO_3008 on 03/07/2023.

Then you took the other 3 modules on 9/13/2023, which is more than 60 days later.

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Thanks for the response, but you have got to be kidding me.

That was nowhere in the material (as I remember it, my memory does have its faults), and I fully followed all of the training module menus from one to another. Can you help me remember where it is documented and listed in the course of training that I could have known I was throwing away my time? Where in the path of training is it stated all four need to be taken within 60 days of one-another and why was I given a certificate of completion for YPT when I completed it instead of being warned that I needed to renew other courses for my YPT to be valid and only then being given the impression that I had completed things?

sorry for BSA bad programming (that is a different group than us) - your only option is to retake the full course

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I appreciate it. I really do. I wish there was a process for filing bugs, or feature requests, similar to what’s actively used on open-source projects, so when the app gets re-developed or updated things like this could make their way in, get prioritized and addressed (or kicked out). I’ll have to see if I can find a few hours to rub together again to redo this. Spare time is hard-fought and hard-won in my household.

And, just so I’m clear - you guys here in the forums, rock (if I may say so). I see you guys all over posts like these within minutes of posting, and others where people have questions or problems. I’m not sure if you’re paid or volunteer, but, thanks for all you do (and don’t miss your training partials deadlines!) either way.

@Allen_EdwardAustin_I thanks - one hour a week to answer your question. We have pointed out seemingly FALSE positive dones

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If you look at the description on the page for the Mandatory- Youth Protection Training learning plan, it now says (in light grey text)…

You must complete all three modules and pass the exam within 60 days of each other to be awarded Y01 trained status whether it is your initial training or recertification,

Can’t remember when that was added over the course of the last year, but many others have been tripped up by this, and the confusing disconnect between the LMS site and the official training records recorded in my.scouting.org. Hoping it gets improved soon.

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