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We have a parent who reported that he completed YPT and received the email certificate but it is not showing complete in his record. His ID is 133680333. The aging report says… Completed: Bullying, Overview and Policies, Sexual Abuse, YPT Certification Test…but maybe he didn’t do the correct modules? Module numbers aren’t listed. Can someone take a peek and see what he may need to correct?

Thank you!


All YPT modules must be completed within 60 days of each other. This individual completed SCO_3008, Overview and Policies on 5/11/23. The other modules were completed on 7/14/23, thus YPT was not marked complete.

If he completes SCO_3008 in the next few days, his YPT will show as complete.

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there are more than 60 days separating units - I think if they go back in and do 3008 again it should complete

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Thank you. I’ll let him know. Sure appreciate the quick help.

Good day.
I have my Cubmaster that has YTP completed 30 Nov 22 on the online training but the certificate does not print with that date. It shows expired.
His profile shows expired.
Scout ID 1443313


Please check that ID number. It is not a valid BSA Member ID and the individual with that Scoutbook UserID has not been active since 2019

I apologize: 14433113

Thank you


In order to complete YPT, all 4 modules must be completed within 60 days. Your CM completed SCO_3008 and SCO_3009 on 9/30/22, SCO_3010 and SCO_3011 on 11/30/22. This is 61 days so the system does not recognize YPT being completed.

Unfortunately your CM will need to redo all 4 modules.

Understood.Thanks for all the assistance.