YPT Training Not Reporting Correctly

I (BSA ID 12252938) did my YPT training on 13 Aug. It is reported as 100% complete under program details, but the main YPT training screen is still showing me as expired. One of the council guys with more access is telling me that SCO 3008, overview and policies is not logged as completed.

I tried going into My Training to “finish” that video, but the system is telling me if I restart that video, I need to restart the whole training program.

I have screen shots if that’ll help, but can’t paste them here. Any suggestions?

@LynnCrochetiere once you complete 3008 it should record I believe - @TimothyRogers ??

There’s a disconnect in the system tho. My Training says that I did complete all the units, to include SCO 3008. I’ve never understood why going back into a completed training would reset your certification, but that’s the way this course is set up.


YPT is only valid for 2 years.

You last completed SCO_3008 on 8/23/21. The entire YPT sequence or 3 courses plus the test must be completed within 60 days of each other to receive credit. According to the database you completed SCO_3009, 10 and 11 on 8/13/23 but not SCO_3008.

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@edavignon I took all 4 courses on 8/13/2023. When I go into My Training, it shows a YPT completion date of 8/13/2023. I don’t understand why that information did not flow to the reporting side of the database.

I suspect I jumped out of the one module a second or two early. BSA has been asked repeatedly to put a warning in that if you leave now you will not get credit for the course. . . but they’ve done nothing.

I’m happy to go back and watch the last few seconds of that video. I’m not prepared to sit through the entire 72 minute course again, which is what the system wants me to do.


The database that issues the certificate and records YPT complete shows the last time you completed SCO_3008 was 8/23/21. Exiting a course before the very end often prevents it from being recorded as complete.

You only need to compelte SCO_3008 by 10/12/23 to have YPT complete.


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@edavignon The system disagrees with you.


It doesn’t really matter what the LMS says. What matters is what is in Akela and that is the screen shot I posted.

I suggest you talk to council - that is all the info we have


Any ideas as to what is going on here? Why is the LMS saying all 4 modules will need to be retaken if she tries to complete SCO_3008 when Akela says that is the only one missing?

Hi Ed,

Restarting the learning plan sets all the modules to not done. Doing one module will leave the learning plan unfinished. However, if I understand correctly, the other system will find the dates of the four modules completed and issue a certificate.


That is what we have been told.