YPT training site down?

I was in the middle of retaking my YPT before recharter and I started getting a 504 error with the message that the page isn’t working. Tried it on 2 laptops, both in chrome and edge, cleared cookies and history, and even had my husband log into his account and try. No dice. Is YPT down or am I just down on my luck? Thanks!!

There are intermittent errors with the training site. The only suggestion is to keep trying.

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Has this been fixed?

Not that has been published. I would watch the change logs for an update. It sounds like there’s some sort of demand-related issue from the few nibblets of information that have been posted. You might try off-hours to see if you are able to get access.

This is what is posted on My.Scouting and what we are continuing to abide by:

“The BSA Learning Center (LMS) is experiencing ongoing intermittent outages. Developers are monitoring 24/7 to stabilize the system. If the system is down when you try to take a course, it is recommended you try again in 45 minutes to an hour. Thank you for your patience.”

Our continuing reminder:

  1. Use Edge or Chrome
  2. Cache cleared
  3. Javascript active
  4. Pop-up blockers off