2-12-23 Issues logging into Scoutbook/IA. Are there server issues? In Oklahoma

I have tried using both mobile and desktop while also restarting devices.

@JeraldWagner plain window failed but I went to private/incognito window and got right in

Login works for me but receiving 'Error Loading Page" when attempting to access patrols, or Troop roster, or any report. Even Private/incognito doesn’t help. Time out issue again? Developer Tools Network shows >59 seconds waiting for server response. Calendar seems to work.


This is what I’m experiencing with Scoutbook. Login works after a sluggish attempt with a timeout issue trying to access my Troop. Internet Advancement won’t load at all. I just wanted to make sure it was a global issue and not just me.

I’m getting the same “Loading resources, please wait” message when trying to access a unit, district, or council “Training Manager” tab. Been doing this for the last 3 hours.

I am seeing delays in my.scouting.org with roster load… or lack thereof

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Same with me very long load times in Scoutbook, My.Scouting, and IA just plain won’t load. By the way I’m in New Jersey so this seems to be a widespread issue.

I am encountering the same in Dayton OH…

Same issues in Michigan. Can’t look at my roster and I’m trying to register for Summer Camp.

Don’t hold your breath but I just got it to load. Hopefully they were able to resolve the issue.

Issues should all be resolved now


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