2.17.21... is messaging down again?

On Monday night, it seemed the messaging system was down… (would never complete the send), or would say complete but nothing delivered.

Worked on Tuesday.

Now again on 2.17.21 at 8am central, getting the same problem… Message won’t complete, and just spins “sending”. Tried two computers, and two different browsers.

@EarlBonovich - I just did a test message and it was sent and received. That was on win10 enterprise in chrome. Can you try an incognito browser session ?

When I had this the other day using Chrome on W10, I opened an incognito window in Chrome and it worked.

Regular login this morning allowed me to send messages.

Regular login still failing…

Incognito or Private (Safari), did work. Thank you for the suggestion.

Hopefully someone is working on fixing that “bug”.

@EarlBonovich - the incognito session indicates that something in your browser setup is causing the issue. So it is local to your hardware/os

So… Have the same thing broken, on two different computers… and multiple browsers on each?
(as noted in my OP)

I know exactly what private browsing and incognito does.
This would indicate that scout book, is writing something to their cache/temporary session… that is breaking.

@EarlBonovich - I understand what you are stating, but for me I run a normal session on the phone, home pc with multiple browsers and on work pc and have not had the failure… so it does seem to point to local. Logged in browser, add-ons etc.

If you know how to use Developer tools - you can watch Network to see if you see a failure and report that

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I normally would agree… but our CC for one of my troops, and another adult volunteer is having the same issue… so not sure what is going on.

Sure, let me see if I can capture that for you.

I’ve changed nothing on my PC settings or other. It wouldn’t work Monday other than an incognito window and it is back to working under normal chrome today. I have moved between work and home internet, but not changes made to any settings.