Scoutbook Messenger down? 2/9/22

I regularly use SB messenger to communicate with my troop. I’ve attempted to send a message three different times over the last few hours and the program freezes with the spinning “sending” icon on the screen. Is this a widespread issue or am I doing something incorrectly?

I just successfully sent a test message to myself. Can I suggest you try that first to try to isolate the issue?

I am having the same issue. I first noticed it last night (but haven’t tried to send a message for a few days) and it is persisting this morning. For me it seems to be related to the Feature Assistant Extension. In a browser with the extension on, I have the same results - just spins. In a browser without it I was able to send messages with no problem.

@GaryFeutz maybe extension issue

For the browser that has the extension on, can you try it with an incognito window? Also, do you get the same results when you send a simple test message to yourself?

Yes. It does work in an incognito window.

A simple test message did not work in the browser that has the extension on. I tried pretty much every configuration of the settings, with and without attachments, messages with and without formatting, etc. I was unable to send any message successfully in the browser with the extension on.

Is that Chrome or Firefox?

Chrome was what I did my testing on.

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