2 accounts 1 person

I’m a new key 3 and have a couple long standing issues with Scoutbook that have not been resolved by previous key 3/council.

The current one I’m looking to fix is I have 2 leaders (one den one assistant Cubmaster) that managed to have 2 Scoutbook accounts - 1 as a parent the other as a leader…

The first is my husband - BSA#13483049 and SB#1051274 as a leader and member id13117704 as a parent. He uses 2 different emails so it’s annoying but not a big deal.

The second one is another leader that has the same email for both accounts so logging in is problematic by email. That one is BSA#12996740 and SB#9751143 and the member ID for the parent account is 14026374.

I’m not sure if I should just ask council to delete the parent accounts or what to do.

Thanks in advance!

@KatieGooding one the first one it is fixed - he needs to use the username to log in NOT the email

@KatieGooding same instructions for the second one

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