Parent/Adult Leader has two accounts

Hey there, I have a parent/leader that seems to have two accounts. One is associated with his being a leader as well as one child and the other is associated with his other child. Could we get these merged?

I can provide whatever info is needed to accomplish this.

@AlexanderGordon1 Post the BSA #s and it can be looked at

One of the parent accounts is BSA ID: 136478370

The second one doesn’t have a BSA # on it but it’s attached to the kid with BSA ID 13868163.

Ideally we’d keep the email from the one without the BSA # but all the info/assignments of the other. Plus connected to both kids.

136478370 is only connection to 13868163.

Hmmm looking further this is what I have…

Child 1 BSA# 13868163 has one parent connected and that parent profile shows no BSA number.
Child 2 BSA# 136478369 has three parent connections none of which seem to have BSA numbers.

Adult Leader that is the father of both the above kids has account with BSA# 136478370.

So want to keep the leader roles, be attached to both kids, and have the email address associated with the account connected to kid with BSA# 13868163

Hope this all makes sense…

So, can we clean this up and keep leader roles for the parent profile with

@AlexanderGordon1 not sure on your counting - from what I see - but I believe it is all fixed

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