Duplicate accounts-parents

I have two parents with duplicate accounts.

Parent 1 has the same email address and different BSA numbers. Now the parent said he can not log in at all or see the calendar in scoutbook. My council is unable to fix it.

2nd parent same this. Same email, but it will not let her log into scoutbook. Again it won’t let me delete either account or merge and my council is unable to do it also.

Post the BSA #s or the Scoutbook User IDs and we can look at it @DianeGentzke

The # 1 parent’s BSA # I can’t see for either account, but the scouts are
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

Parent # 2 is
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

Adult 1 - he needs to use my.scouting user name - (short first name).(lastname)
Adult 2 is fixed and should be able to log in with email

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