2 parent accounts duplicated + Recharter issue

After our recharter went through on Jan 1, it looked like something was processed incorrectly because we lost a random assortment of our new leader accounts. In order to help them manage their den on Scoutbook, I tried to re-add them as den leaders, but it ended up making duplicate accounts. Can you please revert the “duplicated accounts” while we reach out to council to figure out what happened?

First parent:
Original info is: SB User ID 12058718 // BSA ID 137375237.
The “new one” just created (that should be removed/deleted) is SB User ID 12976160 // BSA ID 13904680.

Second parent:
Original info: BSA ID 14082371
New account: SB User ID 12975493 (did not click invitation so did not make a new BSA ID. I’d like to “cancel” this new invite though.)

Thank you!

@MichaelCasella the First one you had backwards - but it is fixed - user needs to use my.scouting.org login to get in NOT email.
The Second one is fixed too

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much appreciated! thank you!
Do you know why they lost their positions at recharter? They are “on our recharter” as far as I can tell. (The pack CC is away on vacation so I am trying to figure it out if I can)

On first one - I bet both MIDs were on recharter - we have seen other issues that are being investigated

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