Den Leader/Membership deleted account after Recharter

Hello - I have an individual with our Pack that was a Den Leader prior to recharter and was taking on our Membership role as well with recharter. She completely disappeared from our Pack (except as a parent to her child). I tried adding her back into her leadership roles (Den Leader & Membership) by going to “add leader” and that seems to have created a duplicate SB account and is NOT associated with her BSA ID.
BSA ID - 13938650
SB ID - 12770941 (this is the one that was correct and active prior to recharter)
SB ID - 13010346 (this is the one I’m seeing with the new leader I created today - but there is no BSA ID)
She is in a constant battle with SB continually reverting to old ID’s, deleting her, etc… and causing her to use access. Is there anything I can do or I can suggest to her so this will not happen again?
Thank you!

@ChasidyCavanna let us look at it for you

@ChasidyCavanna ok cleaning this up - user needs to use their username to get in - DO NOT USE EMAIL to log in

Got it. Will let her know.
Looks like it’s a different BSA ID # and SB ID # than listed in my initial email above, she’s all set though and will be fully connected correct? My initial above was from the user on what she understood her BSA ID and SB ID should be.
Thank you!

She had more than one BSA # - how it is now is correct

Great thanks so much!

I have a similar issue. BSA member ID 59415 should be a Tiger DL for our Pack 4015. When I search his name or email and select DL and Admin it errors: Selected leader does not have an email address. When I search his Member ID it errors: No record found that satisfies search. His email and other personal info is accurate in Internet Advancement. Any suggestions?

@JacobPlennes - is this person on the roster at Did they fill out an adult application, CBC and complete YPT?

@JacobPlennes the user with BSA # 59415 - has not been registered for 9 years and lives in Green Bay. Can you check that number?


@JacobPlennes He had the wrong BSA member ID set as “primary” at my.scouting. I have set 14602914 as primary and requested a position sync.

He should be logging in with his my.scouting username – not his e-mail.

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Thanks all! I appreciate everything you guys do. You’ve helped me a couple times recently and you’ve all been really quick to respond.

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